What to do with extras from great shopping adventures?

Posted on Dec 29 2014 - 10:59pm by SimpleFrugalMom


If you’re a great at couponing and making deals happen, you may have accumulated an inventory of items.  Come up with a plan for maintaining these items for optimal usage.

Consider the following questions to help you decide what to do with them.

  • Do you have extras or excess items?
  • Do you realize you have them?
  • Do you have extras or excess items from a fantastic shopping adventure?
  • Don’t know if you ‘should’ buy that item you don’t normally use? Would it be good to donate or share with someone?
  • What if you did and realized you don’t need or want it?
  • Is it going to expire? Other items than medicines often have expiration dates.  Lotions often start to smell different and sometimes will separate.
  • Are you maintaining items in a closet or basement that is overrun so that it no longer easily remains organized?
  • Do you find yourself purchasing more of the items you ‘know’ you have in storage but you have troubles finding them?

Think about helping someone with your gift of couponing.

  • Donate to your local shelter
  • Accumulate for a needy family you know
  • Offer through your local Freecycle or a similar site
  • Build a gift closet
  • Thank service people, teachers, mail carriers, etc.

Ways to organize your ‘inventory’.

  • Designate a gift shelf
  • Reserve a space for your items, hopefully a moderately temperature controlled location
  • Keep like items together
  • Draw up an inventory list or online inventory to access
  • Rotate your items like the stores do, moving older items to the front when you put new items in the back.  If you can, arrange a heavy duty non-metal (or line it for easy cleaning case of spills) shelving unit with the short width at the wall, so that you can more easily get to the bulk of your items.
  • Go through regularly to move excess items to the donation/gift or recycle/trash if necessary.
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