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Think about your benefits since it is year end!

As we near another year, think about your benefits.  It might be cost effective to do things before the year is out.

I think one of the things implemented in most health care plans with the latest of the health care overhaul is that Breast Pumps are covered if you’re breastfeeding.

In addition…

FSA Benefits

If you have a Flexible Spending Account that you contribute to, be sure to ‘spend’ enough to recoup that money you put aside.  Some plans give you until another couple months into the year but some end December 31st.

If you don’t already contribute to this type of benefit offering, then try an online calculator to see what your savings could be:

Vision Benefits

If you have vision plan through your benefits and it covers a predefined amount per year and you haven’t gone yet, maybe think about it!  I try to go each year and get ‘free’ contacts one year and inexpensive glasses the next.

Dental Benefits

If you have dental, is there something you might want to get done?  Perhaps the dentist offices are already booked but most dental plans offer very, very low yearly coverage so its good to go each year.  (If not just for the free cleanings!)

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