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The Black Cat – A Regret of Mine


Can you take back something you said?  Even if you say it and no one else is around, still know you said it.  I wondered this when I was young.  My mother had taken me and the rest of the family to the Humane Society and we walked through the aisles of cages, looking at the cats.

I wasn’t thinking at the time, and I made a joke about a cat being on sale.

My mom told me it was probably on sale because it’d been there for a while.

I felt bad, like I had been making fun of this cat,.. like I didn’t value its life, but I didn’t mean it that way.

Later in life, I still have memories of this, and regret to the black cat (I later even volunteered at another Animal Shelter and found out that often black cats take a longer time to adopt to families.. this moved me even more.)

Do you recall a time like this?  Have you learned from it?  What can we do with thoughts and comments that we have even if they’re not intended to be hurtful but they are?

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