Membership Levels

When signing up for membership, Costco will usually offer their Executive membership level, as they will offer that if you don’t make back the $55 difference in the year (from the Gold Star level), they will bump you down to that and reimburse you the $55.

    Executive, $110/year, Annual 2% reward, additional benefits and greater discounts on suite of services.Business, $55/year, May have up to six additional card holders on accountGold Star, $55/year


Membership Deals

For Costco memberships (much like with Sam’s Club memberships), you can often find an offer through a site like Groupon, LivingSocial, or Zulily, where you pay around the same as you would for a membership, but you get some coupons for free items (rotisserie chicken, case of water, batteries, maybe a gift card).  I’ve seen these in the past, where they won’t apply to renewals.  In addition, look at the date of expiration for the deal;  while the Groupon, etc amount you paid does not expire, the deal portion does.  So if you already have a membership, and it doesn’t renew for some time, you may need to wait.  (Unless there’s something really tricky, like if they prorate unused months, and if they would allow you to sign up again and not call it a renewal, and if it is worth the time and effort to try this!)

American Express True Earnings Card

  • Earn 3% cash back on gas at Costco
  • Earn 2% back at restaurants
  • Earn 1% back on other purchases.
  • Cash Back comes in form of an annual reward coupon
  • No annual fee

Non-member shopping at Costco

Non-members can shop for free if they are using the Costco Cash Card during checkout.  What I’ve heard people do before is go with someone else with a Costco membership to buy several gift cards, pay them for the gift cards, then the non-member can go back and use them.


Special offer emails

See the email special offer signup on the Costco home page.

Current coupon offers

You do not need to clip Costco’s coupon book for their coupons as they will automatically apply at checkout.  Keep an eye on the prices, but I believe this is what they say.


Pricing Scheme

Generally, the following is a list of pricing and the current status of a product.  Look at the price, and if it ends in the following, it means..

  • 0.99 = Full price
  • 0.97 = Store deal
  • * usually means discontinued


Looking to buy something big, like a nice camera, and don’t know if you should buy it through Sam’s Club or Costco?  Well Costco has a nice offering of free technical support for electronic devices purchased through them.  This is called their Concierge service.  It doesn’t cost anything extra, other than you must be a member.  In addition, Costco EXTENDS a manufacturer’s warranty on TV’s, Projectors, and Computers (not including tablets) to two years from date of purchase.