Saving children from being left in hot cars

Posted on Jul 18 2016 - 7:26pm by SimpleFrugalMom

I sit sad, reading about the loss of a child due to being left in a car. The mom was interviewed; it was the dad that forget. They have feelings of never ending grief and guilt. It seems the mom is trying to accomplish change by allowing herself to be interviewed.. trying to help ensure this doesn’t happen again by exposing something along the lines that, while people don’t think it will or could possibly happen to them, it can;  It did!

She mentions an application she uses. Apparently there are mobile applications that check to see if you have a child with you when you get in the car so that when you get out of the car, then it reminds you.  This is a good start but it still seems to require interaction. And if someone is forgetting something, who is not to think they might forget to use the app or just memory click the buttons out of repetition eventually?

So, what about day care providers?  It seems like it’s usually when a parent is dropping their child off at daycare that this type of tragedy happens.   Could there be a calling system set up where the day care provider could check with the parents if they don’t see a child they would typically expect to see?  Sure, I realize this may be annoying at times, but we’re talking about possibly saving lives.  Does this put ‘too much’ onus on a day care provider when they might be considered to be more liable should they not call?  Can’t we all agree that this is that important?

Continuing on to read the comments (obviously not moderated – why do I read comments sometimes??  (Another topic on that later)) I see the harshest judgment on these parents. They’re questioning everything, making accusations, stating they would not do this or forgive who could. Who are we to judge?  Why are we so fast to jump on the felling of a person?  If those who put the effort into the dismissal that these parents truly care (notice I did not use past tense) about their child could have compassion and enact their rage into a helping action and trying to improve the situation in some manner then maybe we could all decrease these heart wrenching instances.

Think about it.

  • Can we all start to take a better gander at cars as we walk by them?  I don’t mean to use SpongeBob Eyes or anything but be aware of sleeping babies?  I’ve seen news that people have been noticing animals left in cars.
  • Can we try to ensure even the older kids know not to play in or look for ‘lost’ toys in cars without a parent present?
  • Could/would day care providers offer to call if they’re missing your child when they would normally expect them?
  • Can we offer compassion, love, and listening without judging to those who are brave enough to speak of what happened instead of tearing them open at their rawest emotions?

Let’s all try to be a bit more kind and make this world a better place.  There’s a lot going on in the world right now.  Let’s think about what we can do to improve it!

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