Rebounding – I’m hooked.. for a while at least

Posted on Jul 4 2016 - 8:29am by SimpleFrugalMom

I found a rebounder at a local discount store.  Its been around the house for about a month now, and while I didn’t use it at first, I’ve been having fun with it lately.  I suppose this goes with one of my resolutions (explore more exercises), and against another (be more considerate in purchases).

My mother had one when I was younger.. and I didn’t use it much then.

But somehow, its fun now.  I don’t have a video and I don’t think I know what all may be accomplished on a rebounder, but I plan to watch a few videos to learn more.  But I have been having fun on it.  It’s good for bone density, too, from the weight bearing aspect (I’m sure it can be bad, too, depending on your posture/form, condition, etc.).

I’m just amazed when I give a new exercise a try, how I can respect it, have fun with it, and learn something new.


Peeling, dry lips? Try this, I was surprised!