Ready to go on an Adventure tips!

Posted on Dec 7 2014 - 7:34pm by SimpleFrugalMom


I must say I just had a lovely time with the family.  I wasn’t prepared because we don’t often do spur of the moment trips!  (I was resourceful and used a new plastic fork to comb through my hair since I forgot my brush.)

Anyway we just traveled to another town a few hours away and it was fun.  We stayed somewhere with an indoor pool and a mini golf course.. Did you know you can use the cash rebate sites to save even more on Priceline?!  There were new places to go to and we stopped and looked at some shops, a historic downtown area with a quaint bookstore, and an antique store.

You can also ask for an extended check-out time.  Sometimes the front desk will make you wait until the next morning to call and check but they will usually let you extend your stay by up to around three hours!

Don’t forget to ask about free breakfast, either!

It inspired me to have a simple travel pack ready to go with all the samples we receive so we can do it again sometime!  Being prepared can help us enjoy it even more!


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