Some time back, I signed up for emails from Bed Bath & Beyond and since then have regularly received email notifications that the account associated with my email address has a 20% off one item coupon for online use waiting for me to be used.

This comes in handy when looking to get a wedding gift, and some items come with free shipping!


Amazon Free Books

Amazon offers a few ways of getting free kindle ebooks.


Amazon Prime Lending Library

If you have Amazon Prime (or Mom, or maybe Student) then the Amazon Kindle Lending Library will allow you to select one book a month for free.


Special Offer for Free pre-release Novel

In addition, under the special offers for at least the last two months, I have seen they make special offers where you may select one of a few pre-releases.  The other day, I selected the one that sounded more interesting, and it turned out to be a Young Adult novel, and I got a free MP3 credit from Amazon!


Amazon Free Ebooks page

Kasasa Accounts

Have you ever heard of a Kasasa account?

I hadn’t either until I was flipping through a magazine one day, and an article talked about some weird named account where, even now when rates are low(!), you could earn 2% or 3% on your account.  Then, since I hadn’t paid attention to what that unusual name was, had the hardest time trying to figure out what it was again!





Basically different banks offer these accounts.

Free Kasasa checking accounts include

  • Nationwide refunds on ATM fees
  • No monthly service fee or minimum balance required to earn rewards
  • Personal service you trust from a local community bank or credit union of your choice

You can find them local or as an online option.  I happened to find a local one that offered a great rate.

They encourage the online options, and a lot of the time they just require you do a couple debit card transactions each month and have a form of direct deposit or something.  (They also reimburse some ATM fees if you end up incurring them sometimes.)

Check out the website for more info!  I thought they sounded too good to be true, but investigated and they turned out to be a better option than another money market like online account OR a CD.

They also offer other types of accounts, where you can earn music downloads, etc.

Again, I was skeptical myself, but take a look, research them, find one you’re comfortable with and read the terms.  It just seems like a great deal.  Even if I don’t meet the requirements for the 3% on my account, there is still no fee or penalty, I just don’t get that 3% for the month.



As we near another year, think about your benefits.  It might be cost effective to do things before the year is out.

I think one of the things implemented in most health care plans with the latest of the health care overhaul is that Breast Pumps are covered if you’re breastfeeding.

In addition…

FSA Benefits

If you have a Flexible Spending Account that you contribute to, be sure to ‘spend’ enough to recoup that money you put aside.  Some plans give you until another couple months into the year but some end December 31st.

If you don’t already contribute to this type of benefit offering, then try an online calculator to see what your savings could be:

Vision Benefits

If you have vision plan through your benefits and it covers a predefined amount per year and you haven’t gone yet, maybe think about it!  I try to go each year and get ‘free’ contacts one year and inexpensive glasses the next.

Dental Benefits

If you have dental, is there something you might want to get done?  Perhaps the dentist offices are already booked but most dental plans offer very, very low yearly coverage so its good to go each year.  (If not just for the free cleanings!)

Productive Parenting is great! Sign up and they will send a customized daily email of a new experience for your child.


Just joined TopCashback and it looks like they have some good offerings of cash back rewards. I see they even have some offers for 8%-16% cash...

Did you know you can register your Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, or JCP card and get rewarded when you spend at JCPenney?

With the credit cards, when you spend $100 or more in a month, you get a $10 voucher.  If you register a JCPenney card, for EVERY $100 spent, you can get back $10, up to $50 a month!

Here’s a great offer for a personalized song by Elmo or the VeggieTales!

Just enter the code myelmo for Elmo, or VEGGIE for the VeggieTales, then select your child’s name.  They have a LOT of names so don’t fret, they’ll probably have what you’re looking for even if its more unique (unlike those keyrings or cup displays at the store!) is a great place to look for new books to read.  A lot of the books are small, self published offerings, but sometimes you can the big publisher’s books as well.  I’ve found useful books of each type, depending on the topics.


They have them separated out in various categories (scroll to the bottom).  It’s great to download a few before heading out on a trip!  Prices do change, so be sure to double-check the price when checking out with them.


“How?” you may ask??

Contribute to a charity of your choosing without spending any extra money!  Amazon has an easy way you can do this!  Just get in the habit of using the URL instead of and you will be giving to a charity of your choosing.

Amazon states their item prices do not change, so it’s not like they’re just passing the buck on to you!  So why not start now?

You do need to specify which charity you’d like to contribute to from your Amazon account, but its a one time setup!

As we approach the beginning of a new year, this could be one great resolution to start!  (Imagine if we ALL did it!)

Extra challenge to bloggers:  If you’re an Amazon affiliate, let us update our links (I think the affiliate program remains the same for commissions(?) and there are plugins to do this).  Maybe we can spread the word even more so!!

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