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My Mind has Changed About Mindfulness

peaceful Growing up, I never took the time to think about it.

After starting a family, I would occasionally do the relaxation applications from my iPhone to help me relax or fall to sleep.

But mindfulness meditation seemed silly to me.  Taking time, pausing life for a moment to do something that seemed like doing nothing.. what on Earth, why would anyone do this?  Mind you (pardon the play on words), I am one that has a hard time doing anything for the sake of decorating, .. if I do something, it usually has to have some purpose.  Yet I love to look at others homes.  For example, when in a ceramics class for fun, I would make bowls, instead of something to hang on the wall.

I do appreciate art, now, though.. I have more to share on that in the future.

So anyway, much like stretching and pilates.. I thought Mindfulness Meditation was just someone being selfish.

…until I tried it.

I did it once and was hooked.  Perhaps it was the way it took me out of the unforgiveness of the past and the worry of the future, it was so calming.  I felt the desire to do it again.  I understood the difference between it and the other apps, and it puzzled me that it was so drawing to me.

There are many pre-recorded sessions you may use to try it.  Amazon has some through Prime and from an iPhone you can also get some through iTunes.  If you’re like me and never gave it a try before, I highly recommend it.  You may find a little sanctuary in your life.

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