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LOVE your StitchFix surprise but it’s not the right size?? You CAN…

Exchange it!  I have heard that if you call right away, provided they have stock on hand, that they will try to ensure you get the fit/size you need!  So don’t be too afraid to try new jeans like I was at first*!  They try to make it as fool proof as possible!  (Plus, I am tall and both times I got jeans, they fit wonderfully!)

Here’s more at StitchFix.

Go to their site, then click on “FAQ” at the top.. then click on “Questions about my Fix”, then select “Exchanges”.

If you’re already a member and logged in, from their site, you can click “Get Help” at the top, then see “Exchanges”.  Note that you may not see this option if you’re not already a member.

I’ll cut and paste their policy here as of 08/01/16, in case it helps you decide whether or not you may want to join.  Please be sure to check for updates, as their policy may change over time!


We work hard to get your size right using the information we collect from your Style Profile. Everything we order is limited quantity and cut-to-order, which means that while we can get you unique and interesting pieces, sometimes we are unable to accommodate size exchanges. If you absolutely love an item, but need a different size, you can contact us and we will try our best to find that item in a different size. 


Disclaimer:  Links may contain referral links.  If you use my link to sign up for StitchFix, I would get a $25 credit.  (and Thanks if you do!!)

Hi! I'm a family gal who has always enjoyed deals and saving, and especially sharing with others! This just seemed like the perfect blend of what I love to do and I'm always scouting out the next big deal anyway, so why not share!