Getting to know you… reviving communication

Posted on Dec 3 2014 - 6:05pm by SimpleFrugalMom


If you’re like me and have been married for a while, you may think you know most everything about your spouse.  You probably can finish each others sentences and are often in the same patterns of conversation. Something really eye-opening we’ve started in my house is this.. it all started with a free ebook download.. it was a book of questions.

Learn something new the question a day way!

Now we ask each other a question like this and we learn something new about each other.  Its so fun and who doesn’t like to share their memories, likes, a story, or crazy experience? You can find many of these question books online or through the library.  They have them for children, too. Learn something new tonight with your significant other.  Share a story with them.. let these questions break the ice and start a lively interaction.

Other ideas to keep it fresh

  • Don’t forget to talk with each other, make time for this
  • Question a day!
  • Make a bucket list together, or separately then come together to talk about them
  • Ask “what if”
  • Look for the good
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