Don’t get bit by this issue when ordering online!

Posted on Dec 29 2014 - 10:59pm by SimpleFrugalMom


Here’s something to know in advance of making purchases online!

Just opened a package from a retailer that focuses mainly on teens and young twenty somethings and noticed something to take note of.  Apparently, in order to avoid return shipping for items you don’t like or want, you may take them to the local retail store.  Otherwise, they will subtract a $7.00 fee from the returned merchandise.

But that’s not the kicker — apparently for this retailer, if you paid through Paypal, Amazon, or using (Visa checkout), you may NOT return the items to the local store for a refund.


This retailer had items available for purchase on Amazon, and perhaps that might make sense with inventory coming from different places, but the other two, to me, seem to be payment processors, so it seems a little silly they have this rule.

I didn’t end up liking one of the shirts, so I will return it, but I am glad I didn’t pay with Paypal this time!

Now if only these return policies where a little easier to find online.

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