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Disposing of Leftover Prescriptions

Recently while at Walmart, I started thinking about how to dispose of leftover prescription medicines and Voilà!  I saw a sign for a company at the pharmacy window offering this service. I guess sometimes you see more what you’re looking for.

Anyway, I’d read about how some water has high levels of drugs in them for various reasons and have been trying to be much more green since starting a family.  (I regret not being this way sooner, yes.). And having small children in the house certainly makes me want to get the leftover medicines out of the house.

So I looked up the web site from the sign at Walmart and it was a domain that hadn’t been renewed.

Then I learned that a lot of police departments will take them in. Just be sure to remove your labels if you have any privacy concerns. It would probably be wise to call first to check to see if your district performs this service.

Hi! I'm a family gal who has always enjoyed deals and saving, and especially sharing with others! This just seemed like the perfect blend of what I love to do and I'm always scouting out the next big deal anyway, so why not share!