Deal Finding – Best Kept Secrets??!

Posted on Apr 6 2014 - 7:38pm by SimpleFrugalMom

Wanted to share a few things I came across when searching for ways to find deals to share with you, –ways for you to find them, too!

One of them is  It is a site where you can look at the latest price drops at Amazon.  It’s not quite the same as how deal blogs, etc seem to work, where we scour (at least what I do) through Amazon looking at Top lists, coupons available, and Subscribe & Save offers.

What’s real neat about is that you can download a plug-in for it for FireFox or a plug-in for Chrome.  Then, whenever you go to Amazon, on almost all items, it will show you a chart of what the price has been over a period of time.

Looking for a camera lens and don’t know if it’s a good price?  Check out the price history from the plug-in.

Want to see if there are really good price drops on any boxed set of television shows?  Check out!

At the site, you don’t even need to create an account.  You simply navigate to and click Daily Drops, then select a category you want to look at.  You can also expand the view to weekly or monthly drops to potentially catch more deals!

Anyway, I hope you still visit me here, but I love to enable people and I never knew this existed but sure wished I had!  Enjoy!!

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