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I sit sad, reading about the loss of a child due to being left in a car. The mom was interviewed; it was the dad that forget. They have feelings of never ending grief and guilt. It seems the mom is trying to accomplish change by allowing herself to be interviewed.. trying to help ensure this doesn’t happen again by exposing something along the lines that, while people don’t think it will or could possibly happen to them, it can;  It did!

She mentions an application she uses. Apparently there are mobile applications...

One for each of us

Something that’s really helped us out a lot on dishes is having each family member have a different colored cup to use. This way, we can easily keep track of our drinks throughout the day without questioning and can be more environmentally friendly. Also, through your the day, we’ll often stash the cup in the fridge so it stays cool. Of course, we still clean them...

I found a rebounder at a local discount store.  Its been around the house for about a month now, and while I didn’t use it at first, I’ve been having fun with it lately.  I suppose this goes with one of my resolutions (explore more exercises), and against another (be more considerate in purchases).

My mother had one when I was younger.. and I didn’t use it much...

The following are suggestions for age appropriate chores and tasks for children.  You will be the best judge of your child’s ability and understanding of the tasks at hand to make adjustments as they develop.

General Tips
  • Demonstrate how to do chores.
  • Don’t make it a punishment.
  • Try to make it fun.
  • Lead by example.
  • Set them...

Save on Gas and Auto Your Car

  • Pay off your car and keep it for a while.
  • If you do finance, think about buying used if you have a reputable mechanic that could do a check-up on a car you’re considering.
  • Consider trying to save money with some of the auto insurers by using their dongle devices that analyze your driving patterns.
  • Check Consumer...

Recently while at Walmart, I started thinking about how to dispose of leftover prescription medicines and Voilà!  I saw a sign for a company at the pharmacy window offering this service. I guess sometimes you see more what you’re looking for.

Anyway, I’d read about how some water has high levels of drugs in them for various reasons and have been trying to be much more green since starting a family.  (I regret not being this way sooner, yes.). And having small children in the house certainly makes me want to get...

To reduce stress, sometimes it’s wise to wrap and tag gifts as you get them.

Wrapping Deals
  • Remember to buy wrap that may be used for other occasions when it’s on sale after the holidays.
  • Reuse the paper towel or toilet paper roll insert by cutting it lengthwise and using it to pop over the roll of paper (a paper towel roll may be cut into at least three segments for use). (Okay so I admit I tried this trick thinking it would work great but...

I’ve been working on getting back down to the basics..

  • Reducing clutter so I can spend more time with my family
  • Getting what’s left organized so it’s easy to find

In doing so I’ve been in the basement a lot where there’s a lot of dry air and my lips started peeling. The other day I tried to peel off the layers peeling off and they bled. I looked through my lip balms and glosses for something to help.   The regular petroleum sticks didn’t seem to help, so I tried...

Here’s something to know in advance of making purchases online!

Just opened a package from a retailer that focuses mainly on teens and young twenty somethings and noticed something to take note of.  Apparently, in order to avoid return shipping for items you don’t like or want, you may take them to the local retail store.  Otherwise, they will subtract a $7.00...

Having a hard time getting rid of some of that extra memorabilia you’ve been carrying around in life with you?  Cleaning our basement makes me realize a lot of these items are more about the remembering of the times had or the moment given!

I’ve read about taking a snapshot of the cherished item in order to memorialize it but still allow for you to pass it along or get...

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