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Kmart has a whole page of free product samples! ...

ShopYourWay has a site called FitStudio, where you can sign up for free and earn ShopYourWay points for exercising and social media related to the site. Promo Code 122511SB may get you a free balance ball, but since I have just signed up as well, I’m unable to confirm! FitStudio provides access to: A library of free, video-based workouts that you can add to your daily routine. Exclusive, multi-day exercise programs with workout regimes and health tips emailed daily. Articles,... offers many free magazines. ...

Amazon has a nice listing of free Ebook resources. These include: Project Gutenberg Kindle store Internet Archive Open Library ...

Depending on your location, often offers free movie preview passes. ...

Not sure how I scored these samples, but yesterday I received a small box from Home Depot with a few coupons (Clorox ($1/bleach, $1/wipes) and Glad Trash Bags ($1/box)) and a Glad Force Flex bag and Clorox Wipes to try! I will update this post if I can figure out how I got this! ...

Amazon Free Books

Amazon offers a few ways of getting free kindle ebooks.


Amazon Prime Lending Library

If you have Amazon Prime (or Mom, or maybe Student) then the Amazon Kindle Lending Library will allow you to select one book a month for free.


Special Offer for Free pre-release Novel

In addition, under the special offers for at least the last two months, I have seen they make special offers where you may select one of a few pre-releases.  The other day, I selected the one that sounded more interesting, and it turned out to be a Young Adult novel, and I got a free MP3 credit from Amazon!


Amazon Free Ebooks page

Every year so far, ShopYourWay has credited my account with $5.00 (5000 points) to spend during the holiday season!

They also have Sweepstakes going on every night, where the odds aren’t too bad!

If you sign up with me as your Personal Shopper within the next three days, you will get $3.00 in points to spend on your choosing:

SYW Personal Shopper Invite

Shape Magazine

Free Magazines

ValueMags has ongoing offers on many free magazine subscriptions, including Shape, Ladies Home Journal, Natural Health, Star, and Mens Fitness.  Some of them are digital, so you can read them on your devices!

Go to and sign up for their Dec_GetDeals_GDPage_209x277 Arby’s Extras club.  When you first sign up, you’ll get an offer for a free roast beef classic.

Offers arrive in your email periodically.  Usually you click on a link in them, which goes to their site, you enter your name, then print the coupon.  I just looked and this one actually looks like it might just be good without being a member of the Arby’s Extras club.  It even says you can show the coupon from an electronic device.

This offer for a free Chocolate dessert is the latest.