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I noticed when I am logged into my ShopYourWay account, that I get many items with a lower ‘Member Price’ shown. There are a LOT of games available for sale prices like this. ...

Check out Target’s gift card selection for their awesome toys that come with them.

One, the Bobble Bot Gift Card, is a really cute little Bullseye the Target dog a Hex bug toy where the dog’s head bobbles around and the dog vibrates around the table when you turn it on.


Walmart has a new program called Savings Catcher!  You can use it through the web, or you may use their integrated iPhone or Android apps. You just set up an account and scan in your Walmart receipts.  Then, Walmart reviews other advertised offers and will adjust your prices to any lower prices found!  If you used a coupon for an item, they will still adjust the price to the lower price!


Be sure and check your Shop Your Way accounts for Surprise Points!  Seems like quite a few people have received them lately. You must log in and check under your points (it will show what you’ve earned in thby top bar but knot these surprise points!). Click on your points and then you should see if you were given free surprise points! They also have Sweepstakes going on every night, where the odds aren’t too bad! If you sign up with me as your Personal Shopper within the next three days, you will get $3.00 in points to spend on...

ShopYourWay has a site called FitStudio, where you can sign up for free and earn ShopYourWay points for exercising and social media related to the site. Promo Code 122511SB may get you a free balance ball, but since I have just signed up as well, I’m unable to confirm! FitStudio provides access to: A library of free, video-based workouts that you can add to your daily routine. Exclusive, multi-day exercise programs with workout regimes and health tips emailed daily. Articles,...

Some time back, I signed up for emails from Bed Bath & Beyond and since then have regularly received email notifications that the account associated with my email address has a 20% off one item coupon for online use waiting for me to be used. This comes in handy when looking to get a wedding gift, and some items come with free shipping! ...

Did you know you can register your Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, or JCP card and get rewarded when you spend at JCPenney?

With the credit cards, when you spend $100 or more in a month, you get a $10 voucher.  If you register a JCPenney card, for EVERY $100 spent, you can get back $10, up to $50 a month!

Sears is offering a couple five minute guarantees.

One is having to do with their order pickup, – when you order online and go to pick up in the store, they say you will have your item in five minutes or less or you will get a $5.00 coupon.

In addition, they have similar offer for returns.  In this case, you fill out a form online first, which preps the return, then when you get to the store, if they don’t get the return handled within five minutes or less, they will give you a $5.00 coupon.

Check out my other post for more on shopping at Sears.


Register your Visa with Shop Your Way and earn points on regular purchases, such as Burger King. In addition, they’re throwing in a bonus of $7.00 free right now.

Join the Craftsman Club and get $5.00 in ShopYourWay rewards points for free (you must opt in to Craftsman Club emails..)! In addition, you should get an email to join the Craftsman Tool of the Month club, which, if memory serves right means that if you spend $200 on Craftsman tools at some point in one year, then you would qualify for free $10.00 in points EVERY MONTH...