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Exchange it!  I have heard that if you call right away, provided they have stock on hand, that they will try to ensure you get the fit/size you need!  So don’t be too afraid to try new jeans like I was at first*!  They try to make it as fool proof as possible!  (Plus, I am tall and both times I got jeans, they fit wonderfully!)

Here’s more at StitchFix.

Go to their site, then click on “FAQ” at the top.. then...

Well, I suppose I’m trained like Pavlov’s dog, but I now have around 300 technology ebooks available for download in various formats for when I have a chance!

Check it out at PacktPub!






Looking for someone

Many Shares

Grow Biz

What happened

What if nefarious?


Dear Apple,

I know this site is not mainly about technology but I have ideas for you.  I’m sure others do as well.  I’ll share some of them:

  • Way to quickly look up a phone number, even if its just my fave search engine resules
  • Better alarm clock options.

I admit it, I am a huge fan of several deal sites.  They are awesome.. and I often wonder how much I have save by using these sites.

I find great deals all the time, my garage full of boxes would attest to that.. but it also sickens me a bit.

I think back to before we had the option to ‘just order’ or ‘one click’ our way to satisfaction that the current item on our mind would arrive in a day or two on my front porch.


Have a strategy for saving off your digital images to begin with.  This will save you time in the future.


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