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My neighbor feeds the squirrels.


Maybe this would be fine, if it didn’t seem like it drew those pesky squirrels so much closer to my house all the time.  Don’t get me wrong, I like squirrels.  I just don’t like them up by the house.. They’ve caused a bit of damage.


They chewed a hole in my patio furniture seat cushions, so we sold the set for  a loss on Craigslist to a happy new owner.  We weren’t using them because we started storing the cushions inside.  (We did show them the hole!)

They ate through our cord on the BBQ girl. So the propane leaked. I suppose I should have tightened a connection somewhere to avoid this, but I hadn’t. So we had to replace the cord and get more propane.  (The cord is now wrapped in foil.)

They ate ate a hole in our hot tub cover.

We bought a sonic sound machine, which doesn’t appear to work.

I built up resentment. Before this neighbor moved in, the other neighbors didn’t feed the squirrels.  We didn’t have them coming to our yard eating peanuts and leaving shells all over.   No.. And they do get those peanuts and scatter to our yard as you let your dogs out.  I festered and built up an anger with you, neighbor..

Then, one day I was upstairs and looked out the window and saw you carefully feeding the squirrels and I realized.. you’re just trying to be nice.. And you think you’re doing something good.

Now, I think of you differently,.. My anger has subsided.  I realize that you can look at things from different perspectives.

(Now if only you would stop feeding them.. still, I admit… I hope.)






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