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Another benefit of joining a credit union

Another great benefit of joining a credit union is this – sharing with your family!

If you are an employee or member of a certain group that allows you access to a credit union, besides the great rates, think about the fact that often you can tell your relatives (who may have otherwise been unable to join and benefit from these organizations) and they can join as a referral from you!

Your kids could benefit, too, much like with the highly respected benefits from USAA.

In addition, if you’re looking for a credit union to join to share in great benefits, sometimes they allow more open memberships. In one state I lived in, it was whoever lived in the county.

There are also tips like in Clark Howard’s “Living Large in Lean Times” book on how to join credit unions by contributing to a non profit organization.

Hi! I'm a family gal who has always enjoyed deals and saving, and especially sharing with others! This just seemed like the perfect blend of what I love to do and I'm always scouting out the next big deal anyway, so why not share!