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5 Psychological Ways to Help Declutter


Psychological Tricks to Help Declutter

  • Think about the space in your home as prime real estate, limited area for design or use.  This can make you more picky in what you choose to keep or how you choose to decorate.
  • Realize how much time you spend cleaning up.  Some of the time you spend cleaning is normal, but when you have too much, you’re often shifting items around the house.
  • Always challenge yourself to fill up a basket, trunk, or bag to take to the local donation center at a certain interval (each week, once a month).
  • Consider getting rid of items as soon as you realize you don’t use them so that someone else may benefit from changing styles sooner.  Realize that your process of purging items can and probably does help others.
  • Take pictures of rooms to look over when you’re on vacation or less stressed, so that you can identify clutter you may be blind to.

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